Hey guys! 

I swear I have pictures to put up! It’s just been pretty busy with work and getting ready to go back to school. So I’ll try and get pics up soon but thanks for bearing with me. Hope everyone had a great summer. 


My latest ink endeavor. No it’s not a tattoo…But why do I always find inspiration in the dark corners of the night. I start doing art and the next thing I know it’s 2 in the morning…

The Space Between the Lines

The space between the lines

There’s not much time in there and yet

There is where centuries are born.

It’s where every breath is inhaled

And held

And exhaled


It’s where one life ends and another begins

The space between the lines takes years

Years that pass in a single second

It’s freedom for a costly price

A wide open area with gates crowding

From all sides

Where sunlight is trapped and never leaves

The space between the lines

Is the pause, the anticipation, the wait

For something new, something different

Don’t hold your breath too long

Or rather hold it longer

Inhale deeply and don’t let it go

The space between the lines

Is an ocean, as far as it is deep

Dive in there’s no bottom. You’ll just keep falling

And falling

It’s a mystery, cryptic, a lost language

Its origins unknown to man, but we still strive to understand

The understated pause, thought, emotion that it woven into this space

The spaces between the lines

Strategically placed perhaps to make you think

Giving your words body and feeling and pause

Giving your writings breath and life and secrecy

It’s an enigma, the Rubik’s cube or the paradox

It’s one persons thought and another persons breath

Oh small puddle…

How you demand your attention
The smallest winds will set your surface surging 
The smallest leaf alighting upon your face drives you in a frenzy
What you think matters, and it has to matter to the world
What you say must be heard and it must be heard by the world
But you’re so shallow, you can barely rise off ground
You don’t know as much as you’d like to think that you do 

Oh small puddle…you’re so shallow…and yet you think you’re not

I started drawing people again….it’s been a while 
Here’s an update on the pic I’m working on. Not done, obviously, but I’m slowly crawling towards the finish :) 
Random journal sketch. My sis got me some awesome pens and I’ve been using them to draw. And I’ve always wanted a dead tree tattoo :D
Here’s a shot of the pic I’m working on right now. Sorry, it’s pretty crappy, it’s the computer’s camera xD 

Meanwhile, watch this video. It’s the most freaking amazing animation I have ever beheld and it blew my mind. I have lots of emotions about this video. And the song is so addicting. I’ve listened to it non stop since last Thursday night. This video has changed my world. 

Hey Guys,

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry about that. Things have been busy with work. And my laptop broke and I’m using a borrowed one right now, which means I can’t really load pictures onto it. So just know that I have stuff to post, I just can’t do it yet. But know that I’m thinking of you and I hope you guys are having a great summer!